Long day today; Amber W

Long day today; Amber W came out today. And of course, that means lots of work to be done. Still, it was good for the guys cause they get lazy and stuff.
Went and paid bills today. Tried to get plane tickets, but they were sold out of the $49 tickets. I should have got them last night, but I went to sleep instead. Poop on me. So now, I can either buy a one way ticket to Seattle and hope that I can get a free ticket if my plane gets overbooked for Thanksgiving (I’m going to give up my seat) The thing is that will leave me little money for food. Granted, I am going to be up at my parents for a week, so I won’t need to buy as much food. The other thing is that I can take Greyhound up to see the folks. However it will take 1 whole day to get up to Tacoma from San Francisco. And it’s Greyhound. Yuck! One entire day on the bus. Still it is half the price of a one way ticket. I am going to think about it tonight and make a decision about it tomorrow.
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