So the movie was all

So the movie was all right….like I said, not worth full price; maybe a rental or matinee. But I’m glad that Mary invited me to go, cause it was good for me to get out of the house. Katherine and Ben were also there, Mary’s cohorts. They are nice, but I know nothing about them, except that Ben reminds me of my brother Eric. And Katherine has a Nokia 8890 cell phone. It is so cool, but it’s so small. **sigh** I really wanted that phone too.
Anyway, after the movie, I was feeling good, so I headed to the gym. I HATE MY MAN BOOBS!!! They aren’t huge man boobs, but I hate using the machines, staring at myself in the mirror, watching my A-cups bounce around. At least Alyson Hannigan a.k.a. Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer was on the T. V. doing a show for MTV. She is SO hot.
Anyway, after the guard kick everybody out of the gym, I went over to the library to try and drag Mike out of it. I swear he spends too much time studying; it’s about as bad as me moping in my room. Anyway, I saw my old roommate in the dorms Eddie. Eddie aka the worst roommate I ever had, was a crack head loser. This is the guy who took a look at what was happening on 9/11 and went back to sleep. This is also the guy who told me stories of how he and his hommies would go down to the Tenderloin and by crack from big black homeless ladies. This is the same guy who masturbated so loudly, that I got little to no sleep for almost two weeks. And yes, this is the same guy who rumor has it, went up to a coworker, showed her his pinky and said, “Is this enough to satisfy you.” **sigh** See my life could be worse off. I should and am thankful that I don’t have to share a room with Eddie.
So now it’s almost midnight. Was going to pay some bills, but I think that I will let the money sit in the bank another day and go to sleep. Was going to post some pictures, but my site is down. Poop.
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