Once again, this is why I shouldn’t read her journal.

Should never have snuck on Mike’s computer to take a look at her journal. God, what a dumb ass I am. It would be much easier to just kill myself than the torture that I put myself through. I’m just saying, that’s all.
And granted, I could just be taking this “out of context’ and just being over dramatic about it. But I sent her that e-mail fucking a week ago, so it’s not me she’s talking about. I think the issue I have is what is the fuck with all of these people just bouncing off from one relationship to another, while I always seem to just mire myself in sorrow and self pity.
Well, I’m sure that I have a few tears left to cry, but I think that most of them are gone now. Fuck it all, it is time for me fucking get it together and move on. If everybody else can do it, then I fucking can too.
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