Cloudy raining day here in

Cloudy raining day here in SF. Fits the mood.
Anyway, I have a one day job tomorrow babysitting Amber’s son, Brock tommorow. 6-7 hours of me and an 8 year old kid. Again. Well, I did it before and I can do it again. This time I’ll bring some laundry to clean.
At work looking at Tim’s dog, Casey. She is giving me a strange look. I hope she doesn’t have to pee or something.
Mark left for classes. It just amazes me how some people still don’t know how to use a computer. Actually, it amazes me that some of my friends are still on AOL. Now, that’s just shocking.
When I went to SoCal to see Mew, I talked to Amanda about how I feel confused and don’t know what I’m doing. She suggeted that I make a list of what I want, detail how to get it, and do it. “Cornny,” she said, “but it works.” Still haven’t completed my list yet.
**sigh** I def. need to get some sleep tonight. My body is worn out from everything.
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