So I stop watching The

So I stop watching The Source Awards early, cause they kinda sucked for the most part. The performances were kinda lackluster; I was really disappointed with Mary J Blige. But I was flipping to channels and I was on MTV and I think Timberland has to be one of the best producers ever. I don’t remember the guy that was singing the song, but the name of the song is called Ugly, I think. All I know is that Timberland dropped the beats on it and Missy Elliot made an appearance and it was the shit.
Anyway, I got off the phone with my honey. She got back from Electrician School with an headache. **sigh** I wish that we didn’t get in a fight, cause that took time away from us. Now with both of us working and in school, we will only be able to see each other on the weekends and I know that we will both be tired. Poop for sure.
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