Last night after work I

Last night after work I took BART up to Pleasant Hill to go see Suzanne. We went to Blondies Pizza for dinner and then went over to Rasputin Records to do a little shopping. I got Missy Elliot’s new one and Prodigy/The Fat Of The Land. I also picked up a used copy of XMen. It was good times for the couple of hours tht we spent together.
Coming back home, I almost got stuck at the BART station cause my ticket didn’t have enough money on it. I had to scrape all in my backpack and pockets for loose change. And then I made the cardinal mistake of talking to someone, asking them if the bus had arrived. In my defense, the guy looked normal, but once he started talking, he did not shut up. And he was just all over the place. 30min later, I got off at the campus and was able to escape the black hole that I was in.
O.k. UPS is here. More ranting in a bit
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