Pictures have been edited and

Pictures have been edited and moved to a CD. It almost filled the whole disc. Amazing.
Randomly read other journals. Most of them are teenagers in love. **sigh**
Also went to GabbyMoe’s. I was listed on there once in a previous lifetime. I wonder if I was ever mentioned in her column. Anyway, the thing that caught my eye was the posts talking about secludedgrrrl. Can she even be considered a grrrl. Anyhow, the girl just makes me laugh. I’ll be reading her journal and she will be talking about her day and the stuff that she is doing with her husband. And then, one day, she’ll just say something so…..Christian Coalition like and then the battle just starts up between her and the rest of the world. I def. don’t agree with her views, but she has the right to post and I admire her for standing up to them, even if sometimes she is a hypocrite about them.
That just gave me an idea……..
I’m on AIM and one of my old friends is online. I want to talk to her, but she has pushed everybody aside. Actually, it’s pride that keeping me from doing anything. I’ve tried to talk to her, but she has brushed me aside. If she wants to talk to me, she knows how to get a hold of me. I hope everything goes well with her delivery. I’ll have to hit the gossip lines to get info on that, I guess.
**sigh** Pride is another double edged sword.
Thinking about watching the extras of Fight Club. Sometimes, I wonder if I am just imagining the life that I am living and in actuality, I’m insane. That is the only reason that I can think of for some of the things that I have done in my life.
Well, she is at her party. Is this the day that she meets the new guy? The guy to replace me. My last two ex’s rebounded off of me pretty quick. I, on the other hand, am slow to get back in the game.
But I don’t want to get in the game. I want her. I just need to fix myself, that’s all. But, I need to figure out what’s wrong with me. Or face up to what’s wrong with me. The same old roller coaster ride. I wish I knew how to get off the ride.
O. K. I don’t have too many minutes left on my phone bill, so I should save them for tomorrow. I think that I will watch either The Matrix or Mulan? Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum
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