It’s the bad guy that makes the good guy look good….

Just thinking about why I like the bad guys in movies so much.
Is it because they are hurt, lost souls dressed in black like Darth Vader?
Is it because they are usually so ingenious like Wylie E. Coyote (even if they didn’t work)
Or is it just because, they are all just a little crazy?
Well, still no roommates. Am kinda hungry, but I think that I will wait until later to eat.
Too late to do a photo shoot; my room is way too dark. Unless I bring in all the other lights from the other rooms. I’ll think about it.
Actually, I was thinking of playing with my themes. I think I might unzip all of them and set them up again. I used to be into collecting and designing themes. I guess there could be worse things to be addicted to. I could be playing EverCrack. I can see it now: Screw classes, screw work, I just need one more kill to ding to level 10.
Thank God I gave that game to Suzanne to hold.
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