Well, my room and my

Well, my room and my computer are clean. The only thing left if to burn my pics onto a CD….
For dinner, I had a whole thing of Pillsbury Biscuits. MMMMM!!!! I love Pillsbury stuff. Usually I get the Grands or the cresent rolls. But since I was broke, I had to get the 4pk of the smaller biscuts. I don’t believe that I ate all of them, but they are so good to eat right out of the oven.
Well, this weekend I have the whole place to myself. Matt is going up to Chico to watch the Super Bowl. And since this is the last weekend before school starts, I’m sure to get a new roommate. **sigh** well, I enjoyed the room while I had it. Hopefully he doesn’t snore.
I sometimes wonder if I should have a little more structure to this journal. When I decided to make this new screenname, it was to be a way to work out my problems with myself and towards Serraph. But I have just ranted more than actually dealing with the problems. I think that I do need to focus more on that.
I also decided that Wednesdays are going to be Happy Days. No ranting or bitching about anything. Just happy thoughts. We’ll see what happens next week when school starts and all hell breaks loose at the bookstore.
O.K. gotta goto sleep so I can open tommorow
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