Just when I though LJ was getting all quiet…

bam, another war or words pops up. I just love reading that kind of shit for some reason. Must be the drama queen in me. I almost want to put in my two cents into the matter just for the hell of it. That’s all the situation needs.
Anyhow, I get home and take a look at my room. Thank god that I am by myself. I swear I must have bumped against all the wall and every piece of furniture in my room. But I had fun and tonight I am just going to chill. I need to stop by Karen’s though to pick up my shot glasses and my ice trays.
The rain was so comming down so fast and so hard, that I was actually a little afraid. I felt like I was a little kind again, and I kept running into Amber’s office. Then after awhile, I would go out into the warehouse. But a couple of min later, I would be back in her office.
I just made myself two cups of hot chocolate. It was the White Chocolate kind, and I put in these milk chocolate coins that I got from the Cocca Puffs. It tasted so good; I haven’t had hot chocolate like that in quite a while.
Well, my phone time is almost up. I have about $10 left on it. I need to cut back on how long I’m online; at least until tuesday when I get paid. Also the computer labs will be open and I can go there to go online. I can’t wait until the network is up.
I think that I will watch some more Tenchi Muyo! and take a nap. When I wake up, I need to clean my room up for sure. Maybe I’ll run the cam tonight. Wait, Amber is working at the bookstore tommorow, so I have to open up. Hmmm, I won’t be able to stay up too late.
OK. time for anime
Current mood: calm
Current music: Sound of the heater in my room

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