So I was able to crawl to work today….

Oh man, I really haven’t drunk like that in a while. O.K. I did do some drinking when I visited Mew in Sac a couoke of weeks ago. And I did finish off that big ass bottle of champagne at New Years. But last night, that was drinking without food in my stomach. And Karen made strong drinks. Actually, I think it was the Puckers that did for me. The think with Puckers is that it tastes like Jolly Ranchers, but it really has a kick too it. So me, Jessica, and Helda were just taking swigs of the stuff out the bottle.
They also saw my apartment and they saw the pic of suzanne that I have on my computer. That was bad just cause I had to get into the story of us with Jessica. She is like me in that we like to pump people for stories and stuff. But she came out ahead, cause she got alot more out of me than I got out of her. Jessica is so alive; I mean this morning we saw her jogging and stuff. It crazy the energy that she has, she’s like a star or something with unlimitless energy. But I wonder with all of that energy and she is so happy and all. How bad is the fall for her when it happens. I know, it’s kinda sick for me to think about something like this, but I’m not brooding over it, it was just a though that came in my head.
**sigh** Even though I was with friends and co-workers, I still couldn’t get away from feeling of lonliness. I guess that’s why I drunk so much, to try to get away from the lonliness
Current mood: blah
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