Still without a computer….

so I’m back at the computer section of the bookstore typing away. I have so many things that I need to put down here, but I don’t have the time to do it here. Also, I hate using the computers in the store; I want to be in my room where I can be comfortable and take my time.
Anyway, I got a roommate for one of the single rooms. His name is Matthew and he is a 23 yr old finance major. Really into fitness and into spirituallity; kinda like Ben. I think that we will get along just fine.
But the fact that I don’t have a computer or a TV or even a Stereo is killing me. I’m forced to read and to listen to music on my clock radio. It’s good, cause I haven’t read in a long time. But it’s bad cause I am thinking way too much. The thing is that I was going to start to write in a book journal, but I am some scarred and ashamed of myself, that I can’t even do that. So I read; right now, it’s Anne Rice vampire series. I’m actually reading Armand right now, comparing myself to him. Am I full of it or what? But I think that I am more closer to Armand than to Louis or Lestad.
**sigh** She is so careless, but so am I too. I wonder if she has found this journal yet. I have found one of hers; she shouldn’t have linked it to anybody else. Of course I read it and started to get tearied eyed. I wish I could just give up this facarde and go to her. But foolish pride keeps me in the hell of my own making….
Something is going on, so I think that I better get outta here. Maybe I’ll call gateway and see if my computer is done.
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