All my resolutions are broken….

I am so bad with money. I checked my acct to see if i would have money to buy some pans and I am almost broke again. I’ll have to go and return the books I bought last night, along with the shower curtain. **sigh** I really need to learn how to budget. Hopefully, I have enough money to tide me over until either payday or when I get my financial aide check. I wonder if I can hit mom and dad for some money. Or better yet, for some pots and pans.
Anyway, I really want my computer back. I how that the speakers were broken, so I don’t have to pay anything. If it is the sound card, then I wont be able to get my computer back until payday. I might go crazy. It sucks not having a computer or a TV. I guess it’s good cause I am forced to read, which i need to do more of anyway. But I’m also thinking alot more, and that’s not always so good. O.K. I am tired (lifting boxes of paper and notebooks tires one out easily) so I need to go home to get the stuff to return and then go home and take a bath. Ahhh, I can take a bath now since the tub is clean. I’d better enjoy it while I can
Current mood: tired
Current music: the sound of the A/C in the bookstore

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