From The CD Jacket of Urban Hymns by The Verve

I Talked To God
In A Phonebox
On My Way Home
I Told You My Answer
I Left You My Dreams
On Your Answer Machine
But I’m A Million Different People
From One Day To The Next
Yes There’s Love If You Want It
Don’t Sound Like No Sonnet
My Lord, My Love
The World Don’t Stop
Their Ain’t No Time For Cracking Up
Believe Me Friend
Happiness More Or Less
It’s Just A Change In Me
Something In My Liberty
Here We Are The Rolling People
Can’t Stay For Long, We Gotta Go
There Ain’t No Space And Time
To Keep Our Love Alive
We Have Existence
But That’s All We Share
Yes I’m Coming Down
Your Beauty Is A Colour
Surround Into The Half Light
Another Velvet Morning For Me
Tie Yourself To The Mast My Friend
And The Storm Will End
If Heaven Calls
I’m Coming Too
Just Like You Said
You Leave My Life
I’m Better Off Dead
Rise Straight To The Light
In Or Out Of Time
No Time For Sad Lament
A Wasted Life Is Bitter Spent
Child Within Has Healing Ways
It Sees Me Through My Darkest Days
Keep Catching The Butterfly
In That Dream Of Mine
In A Neon Wilderness
He Was Restless
Escape Loneliness
For A New Address
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