A Short Story From A Simpler Time….

The Story Of My Life
By Joe Rogers
Period 1
Row 6
Strengths And Assets
My greatest strength is probably the fact that I am a good listener. One reason my friends like me is because I am a good listener and can listen to their problems. I am also a very patient person, which helps me solves mysteries and riddles. Other assets i have are: I’m quiet; I’m a survivalist; I’m a good orator; and the fact that I am neutral on many subjects and able to accept both views of a subject. Oh, I forgot that I’m stubborn and I’m computer literate (I know several computer languages and programs).
My greatest weakness has to do with my neutrality. Unable to choose between the choices, I usually lose in something. This has coasted me in friendship, school, and love. Other weaknesses I have are: I procrastinate; I’m addicted to video games and food (esp. sweets); I’m a BIG flirt; sometimes when I speak, I think ahead and screw up words; I’m stubborn; and sometimes I say things that shouldn’t be said. Not cuss words, but things about people that are truthful, but should not be said at that time. Another weakness is that I suffer waves of depression every month. It’s my PMS.
Goals in life? Let’s see: Make a career decision; find a girlfriend, make love again, get a car, learn how to dance, find old friends, rearrange my values, and most importantly to find myself.
First and foremost, I value me. Almost everything I do is for me. Second is friends, because I’ve found out the hard way that you cannot survive without friends. Other values I value are independence, status, money, and trust.
Religion is something I value the least because it is restricting and unproven. Other values I disregard are compassion, caring, ecology, and interdependence. I am not sure about compassion and caring. In order to achieve my goal of finding a girlfriend and love, I must have these values. Yet they conflict with the value of me. On or the other must go for me to go on with my life.
(Note from teacher: So you are saying that there is no room for sharing? A friend, boy or girl, who is good and true can help you grow and develop because they help you realize things about yourself you may not have been aware of.)
My likes? Here goes: computers, games, Dungeon & Dragons, role-playing, books (all kinds), music, friends, sex, beer, alcohol, Amanda williams, Paula Abdul, Star Trek, all good singers, Geo Storm Convertable, a scoop of Baskin Robbins chocolate mousse royale, Christmas, Julie Sewald, comics, school, lunch, dessert, Ms. Aquino, Mr. Otterson, Mr. Knoth, Mrs. Gildersleeve, Mr. Waterman, Ms. Rankle, Mrs. Doorman, Ms. Zunino, T.V. comedies, Beverly Hills 90210, Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, Chessking, Macy’s, cooking, sleeping, dreaming, drafting, and anything else I forgot.
Top 10 Dislikes List:
10 – Fruits like pears, peaches, cherries, and strawberries; these must be some of the worst things I hate.
9 – Vegetables: As much as I hate fruit, I rather eat fruits than vegetables.
8 – Needles are one of the reasons they had to put me out to give me my TB shot.
7 – Drinking is fun; unfortunately the hangovers later aren’t that much fun.
6 – The feeling your inner organs rushing up and burning your wind pipe, otherwise known as throwing-up, is one of my worst dislikes
5 – Me: I dislike the fact that my life is HELL!!!
4 – Religion: I’m in the process of trying to place myself in either the agnostic or atheist category (I officially gave up looking for God last month in a fiery fight with my dad). Even if I did find God, I would not go to him.
3 – Vacaville High School has got to be one of the worst high schools I have ever been to. Cold and hot rooms; incompetent teachers, ignorant counselors and administrators, and lousy food.
2 – Vacaville (the city) is the city of hell for me. It contradicts the big cityness that I need. I would say more, but I am saving up for the #1 dislike which is….
1 – The Vacaville High School student population. I especially hate the fucking racist cheerleaders and preppy people who think they are gods or something. These people mixed in with the true fucking, red neck, racist assholes, cowboy/farmers KKK members who need to wake up. I’m use to this (racism) because I got this in Korea where I used to live. And when I moved to the Bay, of course there was racism there. My school had a riot because of it. But most of it was subtle and people tolerated others. Here, I’m just waiting for the KKK assholes to bring the burning cross to my house. This school population (well, most of it anyway) has caused me most of my HELL, but I cover it up, and even pretend to be friends with the fucking bigots.
Pet Peeve
My only pet peeves are stupid commercials, taping on a desk with a pencil or pen, and Aaron Tamberello and people like him (always talking and smiling). It’s sickening.
(Note from teacher: Would you rather have people be distant and gloomy?)
Unfortunately, I have few of these. Asking Julie Sewald to the Jr. Prom. Asking Casey Clark to the Valentine’s Day Dance, Getting a Job, making love kinda (It’s a long story), and being popular are all the accomplishments I can think of. Not too much.
Who I Admire?
This is a tough one. Logic would dictate that I would admire no one (My neutrality) because I would want to be neutral. (Note from teacher: Why?) But I’m the exact opposite. I adore almost everyone or something or another. At Vacaville High School, I guess Tim Wylie, Paul Ventura, and Aaron Tamberello. I would admire them the most because they radiate success and control. Kind of the opposite for me. But like I said, I admire everybody for different reasons. Whether they sing, dance, or burp good, I admire them.
Ms. Wong, as I sat looking through my books and magazines for illustrations to cut out, I found out that I couldn’t. First of all, my book collection and magazine collection is extensive. I’ve started collecting since Korea. And to tear or cut something out would be sacrilegious. Second, this would be out of line with me. In order for me to survive in high school with few options, I must be different. And finally, if you had any friends of mine, they probably couldn’t find anything to describe me (Note from teacher: I disagree).
Your faithful student,
Joe Rogers
(Note from Teacher: Joe, you are unique. Within you is a person who is growing, developing, and becoming. Enjoy your journey. I appreciate the time and effort that you put into this assignment despite the fact you didn’t use illustrations. 20/20)
gawd, talk about teenage angst…
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