New Years Resolutions

1. Healthy Eating – I’ve made the resolution for years to give up sugar, chocolate, and caffiene. And I’ve usually failed miserably. But last year I just said that I was going to cut back. And I did, becasue I really don’t drink has much soda or coffee. And I have cut back on the ammount of candy and chocolate that I eat. I think that I’m going to continue that and to not promise to go cold turkey, but to eat less. I’m also going to cut back on the fast food, try to eat more vegetables and fruit, and to drink more water.
2.Budgeting – This year, I’m going to try to get some control of my finances and try to save money. I think that every paycheck, I’m going to put 10%-20% of it into my savings account. I’m also going to cut back here and there. The impulse shopping def. has to go. And I’m going to keep up my check book and really try to use Quicken and update it regularly. I’m kinda skeptical on this one, but I really need to save for a new car, among other things.
Exercise – I am going to try and to exercise more. I want to start walking/jogging and to start lifting weights. I might join a begining weight lifting class and i could walk after work. And I want to do pushups and situps when I wake up and before I sleep. I started this while I was in Seattle, but I was too sick to do them this morning and before I went to sleep last night. I have to do something about this gut and love handles that I have.
3. Less aimless computer time – Alot of times I just sit at the computer and aimlessly wander around the web. Or, when I’m suppose to be doing work, I’ll play a game or something. I need to become more focus on the computer and not use it like a T.V.
4. Work on a new web site – the last web site that I had had a very heavy and bloated feeling to it. The next website, I want to have a simpler design on it. I’m going to study other people’s sites and then try to come up with an idea of my own.
5. No sex this year. Not even masturbation. – Yeah right.
6. Use my digital camera more. – I don’t use my camera has often has I should. part of the problem is that I am an atrotious photographer. But I think that every week, I need to take at least one card of pictures. I don’t necessarily have to have a theme and the pictures can all be crap, but at least I am using the camera and learning.
7. Go to sleep earlier. – I do stay up too late. Mostly it’s because Quetzal leves his T.V. on late so I just wait until it goes off to goto sleep. But I mean I really should try to go to sleep earlier. Like at midnight instead of 1 or 2. It would help if I had a CD player or a stereo system in my room. But the only thing I have is the computer and that’s out in the living room. Well, when I move, the computer will be back in the bed room and I’ll be able to listen to music while I sleep.
8. Take better care of my car. – I need to clean it more and have more regular oil changes and maitanence.
9. Read more. – I really have a problem with reading. I used to be a voratious reader; even now, I still devour books when I read them. But getting a book to read has been far and few this last year. I think I probably read a handful of new books, even if that. I need to goto the public library and start checking out more books to read and to start shopping at, B&N, or Borders more.
10. Take better care of my clothes. – Not that I have been a social banner for fashion, but my wardrobe has had better days. Mainly it’s tshirts and jeans since I work at the warehouse and don’t have to look my best. I think that I’m going to try to expand my selection it term of styles and colors. Try to get out of the blacks and blues that I wear and get some more color injected into it.
11. Friends – A lot of my friends and I have become distant, and I have lost some. In this age of cell phones and email, this really shouldn’t happen. I’m going to make an effort to try to talk and to write/email my friends more. And of course, my famous unannounce pop-in visits to people’s houses.
12. Be friendly to the bookstore staff. – A new batch of peons should be comming into the store soon and this year, I will try to be friendly to them and to try not to seem so threatening. **rolling my eyes**
13. Expand my CD collection – My collection is heavy on the light alternative and light rock side. I think that I need to harden it up a bit. So I will add some more rock and rap to it. But I really need to do is to get some dance music into it. I need some trance, drum and bass, house, and more ambient stuff. I also need some Cure, cause nothing goes better with depression than The Crue.
14. No more computer games until I beat something. I beat Diablo II, but I have so many games that I’ve haven’t even gotten close to beating. So no more games until something is beaten.
15. Deal with my issues – A good way of doing that is by placing it at the end of a list. Anyway, I need to deal with all of insecurites and issues that I have with myself. I have let them go on for far too long and have just made half-hearted attempts at dealing with them. I know that I need help, but I don’t think that my friends or the love of someone special will be enough to helo me, no matter how stubborn she is. What I need is professional help, but that cost money. Esp. if you don’t have medical insurance. So the first thing I need to do is to get coverage. Then get tocourage and humility to goto the doctor and admit that I need help. That’ll be fun. But seriously, I have to do this by myself or realize that I need professional help.
16. Study harder – I really got to study harder and better. I need to put more time into it and to work on taking better notes and not cut class has much.
There is probably more that I should put up here, but this is a good enough list. I got a lot of stuff to work on this year. I wonder just how much I can get done this year.
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