Summing Up My New Years….

Spent New Years at the Golden Gate Bridge watching the fireworks across the bay. It was a pretty cool view, although I wish I could have found a spot on the hill to watch. Afterwards, I went back home to take care of that big ass bottle of champagne that my boss got for me. Considering how much was in the bottle and the small amount of food that I ate, I’m surprise that the hangover that I had was so mild. It only lasted for an hour or so.
I really haven’t done much of anything. I did plan my schedule for school for next semester. I think that if I wanted too I could graduate this semester. But I’m going to wait one more semester so I can get my major in history and minor in Asian studies.
Amanda Williams called me today to plan for Barry’s and Gabi’s wedding. It looks like us two are going to be hooking up for the wedding. Amanda is pretty good looking and I think that the pics will turn of real good. I remember in high school when I had a crush on her. One of the few black girls that I have actually found attractive. Anyway, she’s going to see if she can get a corporate hook-up on the hotel room and we can split it with Mew & Mike. That’ll be one of my projects for the week to get the wedding details planned out. I need to get a shirt for the wedding, but I think that I’m broke since I spent most of my money at Wards. I went shopping and didn’t even think about what I was going to wear to the wedding. I have pants and shoes, but I need a shirt. Amanda is going with a black velvet shirt, so I’ll need to find something black to go along. I don’t know if I want to go tux or not. We’ll see. I’ll go looking, but I won’t be able to buy anything before the wedding day.
Work will be interesting tommorow. All the deliveries for a week will be at our doorstep tp recieve. And I need to plan this meeting between the warehouse and the gift department so that we can get the shit that going on straightened out. **sigh** It’s def. going to be a fun week.
Current mood: melancholy
Current music: Cher – If I Could Turn Back Time

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