So the Ren Faire was

So the Ren Faire was fun. I was worried about Shawn being by himself and having to deal with Suzanne and I being luvvy duvvy to each other, but he seemed to have a good time. The wierdest thing about the faire was this was the first time that I didn’t run into or see anybody that I knew. The only person that I recognized was Brent at the Admission booth. Usually I see or recognize people working the booths or who are actors, but this year there was no one. Another sign that I’m getting old?
There were lots of people checking both Suzanne and I out. Most of the guys were checking Suzanne out, but I did get a few stares. Something about being a couple that makes both people look a little more beautiful or handsome.
I’m not a jealous guy, but……
….O.K. They have this royal feast where you get a full meal and entertainment. One of the entertainers just could not keep his hands off of Suzanne. Like he was giving her a massage and kept giving her one, and he forgot my food twice. I’m not jealous, just….hmmm, annoyed maybe. The fact that I’m still “annoyed” by it might mean that I was a little threatened. But i can’t really say anything since I was sticking dollars into the breast of the serving girls with my mouth. **sigh** I love the Ren Faire.
I bought stuff, but nothing really for me. I got Amber (my boss) this pewter fairy. I got Suzanne a small whip; one of them cat o’ nine tails. And got Terresa from work a wooden shot glass. I don’t know why I did that. It’s not like I’m ever going to get together with her or that we are ever going to be the friends that we once were. It was more out of habit, I guess. But I think that this will be the last shot glass that I get for her.
So I didn’t get anything for me. I’m surprised since I finally had money to buy a cloak this year. But I didn’t get it. I think this year I’m going to pass again, since I need to get the car fixed and fly up for Thanksgiving. Maybe next year. I think that I will get some bracers when I go back. Those will be cool to wear.
Overall it was a totally different experience than I expected to have. The plan was for a drunken raucous time with the guys, drinking our ale and mead, flirting with the blossoming whenches, and just being loud. But just being with Suzanne, walking around hand in hand, being able to hold and to touch each other, it was so much better in some ways, and I’m glad things worked out the way that they did.
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