Being extremely bored and pissed

Being extremely bored and pissed off right now. I broke the mail key when I went to check the mail. I know that this bastard place is going to charge me $50 for a new fucking key. I’m hoping not since it broke in the lock and I didn’t lose it. We’ll see.
Still no mouse. So there is not much that I can do with the computer. Not that there is much I could do with the computer if I did have a working mouse. I should be trying to fix the DVD player, but I’m not. What’s the point if I don’t have speakers.
Well, the metro is making coughing noises. Most likely, it just needs more oil, but I do have the oil leak that needs to be fixed. At this point, I am resigning myself that I need to get a new car; the Metro is going on 10 years almost. So Saturn has a 0.9%/60 month deal. Even though I hate Saturns, I think that I might go visit the Saturn lot to see if I qualify for it. If I do, I might try to get a SC2, which is what Suzanne’s Mom has. **sigh** I already hate this car and I haven’t even seen it or looked at it yet. And I’m not even sure if I can get it with my credit.
Other worries include signing up for classes tomorrow. I have to find a schedule where I can work and go to school and have time to study. Poop.
Thought of the week has been about time travel. Part of it has to do with Planet Of The Apes. There is an article that explains one of the mysteries of the movie at But for the most part has to do with a wish that I made about time stoping. I feel like time has stopped for me. I am neither going forward or backwards. I wondering if man was meant to step out of the time contininum, and let the rest of time flow while you stand still. Deep questions I know.
Well, regardless if I get a new car or fix the Metro, I will have to change plans. I most likely wont goto WA to visit my parents. I have the week off paid, but I will probably just goto work anyway, or just take one or two days off instead of a week. I’ll also need to keep costs in mind has I look for Suzanne’s birthday present. And so the snowball becomes an avalanche; Should I cancel going to the Ren Faire to save money? I def. won’t be able to buy a costume this year. And my computer, maybe I should forget the speakers and just keep the headphones. And the weddings in October, they are already question marks because of school, maybe I should just tell Suzanne that I can’t go and save money now. What about Thanksgiving, I have to goto thanksgiving, but maybe I’ll take Greyhound; it’ll only be a 24hr trip.
Snap OUT OF IT, MAN!!!!
well for right now, I think that I will focus on my schedule.
Hmmm, if I don’t get a hair cut and grow a afro, that would same some money.
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