Daily Archives: January 13, 2024

Too much time spent at dealerships

So issue with the financing for the new car (approved but not eligible for membership to the credit union) so I had to come in and redo the contract with Hyundai financing. Blah. The interest and payments went up a bit but are still manageable. It actually works out so that the monthly payment isn’t at the end of the month with rent.

I probably should have bitched more or tried to get some kind of upgrade out of it. Maybe get the blue one or goto the limited and get the sunroof and the parking assist. But if they can program the nfc card for me, that will be enough.

Still no name for the Tucson yet, but it will have a name. Can I name it Vanessa like the other cars I named in the past?

With the weather, glad that Eric got me the mats for the car. The cargo cover should arrive today. After that, I think the car will be complete. Maybe some under seat lighting on the inside. Maybe seat and steering wheel covers. Hmm, maybe.