Daily Archives: January 10, 2024

A Month with Vanessa

So I named my 2024 Hyundai Tucson Plug in Vanessa. I think this is the first car that I have named in a while.

So the original plan was to get a Mitsubishi Outlander plug in. But for whatever reason, decided to stop by the Hyundai dealer in Vallejo to check the Tucson out. Usual Car dealer BS, but it was a little cheaper than the outlander, they found me an interest rate under 7% and payments under $650, and got Honda to buy my lease back $500 over the payout price.

Getting used to the size difference between Vanessa and the Civic. But it is nice and roomy, and the inside has some nice features. The plug in aspect is great, even though I’m figuring it out. Since work pays for electricity and I live so close to work, I should only have to pay for gas when I goto SF or Vacaville. But on a work trip to SF, between the battery and the hybrid part, I don’t think I used too much gas, if any. Still figuring out the EV part; certain conditions will turn it on or switch it to hybrid or gas.

Thought I was going to be extra cool and be able to unlock and start Vanessa with my phone, but it’s only for Android. The next version supposedly supports iOS, but not sure if Hyundai is going to roll it out to other cars.

What else? Heater seats are nice. It has wireless charging (but not wireless CarPlay/Android Auto). And with all of the rain we have had so far, thankful for Eric getting me weatherproof mats and the cargo cover. I’ll add pics to this post later.