Overall a pretty good day

Currently working on backing up my computer and looking at Cyber Monday Ads trying to find a TV to buy.  I'm hoping that 500GB is enough to backup everything since 300GB wasn't.  The fact that I'm creating a weekly backup is amazing in itself.  I'll bring the 300GB up to the parents at Xmas time and put it in their machine and upgrade it to Windows 7; the current machine is running XP on a 30GB hard drive.  At least it has 2GB RAM.  That'll leave me with trying to sell a 120GB hard drive on Craigslist.  Maybe I'll give Dad the 120GB instead and sell the 300GB.  They are both so small (…that's what she said…) and with hard drvie prices what they are today, I'll be lucky to get 10-20 dollars for them.

Also looking for a 40" TV to replace the 32" that I have now.  Went to Fry's and wasn't impressed with their prices.  They have cheap TV's but I refuse to buy anything with COBY stamped on it.  There was also a brand called TCL, but I haven't heard anythng about them.  What I want is a Samsung TV with a PC input, but haven't found one yet.  I guess I could connect with HDMI.  Just need to keep looking.

Go a bunch of clothes that I can just throw on for those days that I'm late for work.  I have a feeling that tomorrow will be one of those days.  We'll see just how many pieces I'll keep and what gets returnred back to Macy's

Did I mention that I'm not looking forward to work tomorrow?

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