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Flying Home

Flying Home

Xmas Presents to myself…

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So last week I went to Fry’s and left with a new 47” 3D TV from LG.  I went in planning on getting a Samsung TV to go with my Blu-Ray Player and the fact that Samsung have some really good looking HDTVs.  However, after spending an hour jumping between the Samsung TV, a Panasonic 50”, and the LG, the LG won out.  I have Angie to thank also for her sage advice.  Also left with a LG Wireless Blue-tooth Sound Bar, but I returned that when I found out that my Blu-ray player was broken (doesn’t play Blu-Rays anymore; DVD’s are fine.  How Weird).  So I returned the sound bar and got a LG 3D Blu-ray player with speakers for the same price.

It took me a bit to truly warm up to the TV.  The size difference from 32” to 47”…it’s more to take in.  And I’m not sure that I have the picture settings correct; I need to get a calibration disc to fix it.  But the picture is sharp and clean.  The computer is hooked up to it also.  Getting used to playing World of Warcraft in 3D.  The new Blu-ray player has lots of apps and stuff that I haven’t even used yet.  And I still need to set up the read speakers around my bed somehow.  But I am pretty happy with everything now.  Even sold the old TV, so I got some money back.  But this will probably be the last big purchase I make for awhile.  Need to save up for the year that is coming. 

Sleep Apnea Test


This was strapped to my wrist Sunday night has I slept. It’s some kind of device that measures you sleeping to see if you have sleep apnea. It didn’t bother me too much; I pretty much passed out as soon as I strapped it on. I won’t know the results for two weeks though, so let the waiting game begin.

**Update**  So apparently I did something wrong and the sleep gadget didn’t record any information while I slept.  So I have to wait until January in order to do it over again.  Blah….

Lets see just how crazy I am today

And while I'm here, lets see if I can take care of my snoring.

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