Daily Archives: November 28, 2012

I should be reading a book or something

So Internet is down right now, for me anyway. Thank goodness for iPhones and faux 4G speeds from AT&T to get me through my Internet withdrawal. No if only I could play World if Warcraft or Diablo III on my phone…

Anyway I somehow messed up my TV so now I have a reason to look for a new TV to buy for Xmas. All I wanted to see is if I could use HDMI to hook up my computer to the TV. I can, but now the reception on the HDMI, PC, and TV sources are flickering. It's what I get for messing with stuff that didn't need messing with. In the other hand, new TV for me, hee hee.

I should goto bed early anyway, since I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning. Getting a physical, checking out the knees, and asking about sleep apnea. I'm still in denial about the snoring, I think that I just breathe a little loud. We'll see.

Can't wait for movember to be over. The little that I have to shave off is driving me crazy.

Next computer project is to get my music collection organized…again. When I reloaded my music, I lost all of the ratings and the genres are all messed up. Going to try and get OCD on all 145gb of music.

Ok enough mindless banter, I should start reading the books that I got this last weekend. Need to learn how to get a new job.

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