Daily Archives: November 23, 2012

More random thoughts and testing

Went out shopping today and bought nothing.  I used to be good at this shopping thing, but now I got nothing except for paid off cards and empty bags.  The main issue is my weight and not finding anything that can really fit me.  Or maybe I'm just too picky about what I want to wear.

Eric and Cynthia are out on a date to see the last Twilight movie.  I humbly declined to go and see it with them, having read the first book and watch some of the first movie.

Other Thoughts:

Why do I buy jewelry for women I like?  They never wear what I buy.  I must be a bad gift giver.  Xmas is here, so this is a good thing to realize, yes?

Maybe I should get rid of all my clothes and start all over again?  I'm good at starting over again, just not good at finishing the starting over part.  I am getting older and maybe it is time for me to start wearing stuff more appropriate to my age.

My Xmas present that I want Eric to get for me is small.  Lets take bets on if I will loose it within the first two weeks of having it.  Lets take bets on if it will be enough to get me to the gym again.

Movember sucks.  It's for a great cause and I've donated, but this no-shaving thing is getting more annoying day by day.  It doesn't help that my beard is patchy and not rugged look that I was hoping for.  Def. not enough to hide the fat in my face.

I like the webcam that I got my Dad for his computer last Xmas.  Maybe it's time for me to get one also so we can Skype with each other.  Then I can Skype with other people too.

Depression is mostly gone after a week of being up here.  However, I've had nothing to replace it with, so there is just an empty spot in my soul currently.  Will have to goto the hospital and get some new drugs to fill the hole up with.

Maybe I'll brave the crowds on Sunday and go to Union Square to go shopping.  I def. need to stop by the Castro and see if Ken's bookstore has a book that I want: 642 Things to Write Journal.  Hopefully, it will have some good ideas for me to blog about since I can't/won't blog about the stuff that is in my head right now.

O.K., lets test this out and see if it will post to my blog and to Facebook.

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Sharing some of my thoughts.

Almost kinda weird not Black Friday shopping after doing it for the last few years. But I really don't need anything urgently right now.

Seriously think about deep frying the turkey next year. Or have mom cook Korean.

Ok thoughts shared. Lets see if I can get these posted on my blog.

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