Thanksgiving Recovery

Recovering from my drive back from Washington. 

Oregon is much nicer when it’s not raining and there is sun light. 

Made the trip in 15 hours. Got home @ 1am in the morning.  Started the day @ 9am.

Did get home early enough to watch the repeat of Battlestar Galattica: Razor.  Good Stuff!  Can believe that I have to wait until March for Season 4 to begin.

Redding is a weird town, layout-wise

There is a Sonic Drive-in in Redding and Woodland.  Still too far away for me to drive too on a regular basis.  But if I am in Davis or Sacramento…

Looking at the presents I bought and wish that I would have stuck with gift cards instead.  Not that the gifts aren’t great gifts, but for the few people that are left, I have to hunt for that perfect gift within the budget.  And that means that I have to go to the mall.

I want soup, but I have to go to the mall

I have to exchange one of my presents, but that means going to the mall

**sigh** I am going to have to go to the mall

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