Daily Archives: November 6, 2007

CACS day 1

So I am down in SoCal for a bookstore convention for the week staying at the Disneyland hotel. So far, my dreams have not come true. I guess I was expecting the room to be all disney’d out with Mickey Mouse everywhere. Not so. Small room, small beds, bad TV reception. The worse is that view to our room was described has having a park view. That “park” view turned out to be a parking lot view :-p Otherwise it has been low key so far. Took a stroll down Downtown Disney. It was nice, but it sucks not having money. *sigh* The story of my life. One thing that Disney does know how to do is to make drinks. EXCELLENT DRINKS!!! Unfortunately, drinks led to drunken coworker. Mental note, don’t argue about “you are”. Had to work off some steam at the gym, which was good. Just wish that I had some trunks to enjoy the hot tubs. So right now I am on a bus to tour other bookstores, which I am excited about. Also hope to do some networking here. If I am going to be in the bookstore business, I guess it would help to know some people.