Daily Archives: November 20, 2007

Vacation sickness & injury

the other thing that has happened to me is that I have somehow sprained my left arm. I don’t know what I did, but it has been bothering me since Monday. Hoping it will go away by tomorrow; if not, maybe I can stop by a hospital on the way home and have it checked out. I wonder if it will cost more since it is an out of state hospital? For some reason I have it in my mind that it could either be diabetes, meningitis, or that flesh eating disease. Don’t know how they all popped in my head.

Thanksgiving Vacation Day 1 and 2

So started my vacation on Sunday by leaving the fog of the city at 11am.  First stop was Vacaville, of course.  I had to visit all of my ghosts from my pass.  The plan was to take pictures of places of my childhood teenagehood since I have none.  And I started to take pictures of some of the places when I started to realize that they really didn’t have the meaning that I thought that they would or have.  I think that I will go back and finish taking the pictures if I drive back into Vacaville during the day, but it’s not that important anymore.
Anyway the drive through California to the Oregon border was eventful in the fact that I didn’t get a ticket this time (every time before that I have driven to Oregon I have received a speeding ticket.).  It seemed like it was a quicker drive thru the Shasta’s; maybe because I have a car that actually has some power compared to the Focus or the Metro.  Anyway, made it to Ashland/Medford in good time; took a break and call the parents, then headed thru Oregon.
Does it just rain and rain in Oregon?  I swear that’s all it does.  Anyway, the plan was to drive all the way to Washington, has my GPS in my car said that I could make it by 11pm.  I guess my car didn’t take into consideration the weather and the fact that I would have to drive 120+ mph to make it to my parents in that time.  After I figured that out, the plan was to get to Portland so that I could stay at this hotel that I had heard about.  But the hard rain and all of the 18-wheelers on the highway got the best of my nerves and I had to pull over in Salem for the night.  Stayed in a decent hotel, and while it didn’t have a hot tub room for me to soak in, the room was way better than the room I stayed in at the Disneyland hotel.  Free wi-fi in the room sealed the deal, but I fell asleep even before I could get a chance to use it.
Monday, I headed out from Salem to Washington.  Portland is an interesting city, that I would like to visit and explore more if I have time on my way back.  They have a cable car that I want to ride.  However, I don’t think that I could stay in a city that has so many rusted bridges in it.  I know that I would be on one of them when an earthquake hit.  Otherwise, uneventful drive to Port Orchard and my parent’s house.  The parents have a new child in the name of the new dog, Elvis.  Elvis is cute in his own way, a little more active than Charlie, the other dog in the house.  Dad FINALLY got DSL in the house.  Now I just need to get him a wi-fi adapter so I can connect with my laptop.  Mom has learned to use the internet and shops on HSN and QVC websites now.  All I have been doing is eating, watching TV, and sleeping.  Haven’t picked up any of the work that I brought nor have I checked my work  email.  Going to resist doing anything for work on this vacation.  Tomorrow, I kind of want to drive up to Bellingham to go to Western WA University where Amber started to get her a sweatshirt or something for Christmas.  It is a long drive though and there will be traffic because of the holidays.  I’m still mulling it over, but I’m thinking that I will do it.  If nothing else, I can crash at Eric’s tomorrow night and then drive back here with him and Maria for Thanksgiving.  Dad hasn’t said anything about a turkey, so I’m hoping that we will have a turkey free Thanksgiving and just make it all Korean.  We’ll see.