$500 shopping bust…

4 hours later, and I’m $500 poorer. But at least I got a Macy*s card out of it. 😀
**sigh** Anyway, went to Macy*s first and got approved for a Macy*s card and went shopping. So many hoodrats. And Macy*s was a mess. What is up going out and tearing up a place? God, clothes all over the place and on the floor. Rude ass people pushing you out the way. So for the first hour, I just walked around looking at stuff. I really wanted to buy some pants, but I couldn’t find any in my size. Anywhere. And the clearance stuff was already picked over. Eventually, I bought some underwear, a belt, and some cologne (Chrome), the shirt that I saw with Amanda, and some sunglasses, and OH SHIT, they didn’t charge me for the sunglasses?!?! Sweet, I just made out with some Kenneth Cole sunglasses.
So next I headed to JCPennys to do some real shopping. Of course Pennys was worse than Macy*s. They didn’t have any steel toes that fit me. But I bought some pants, some thermal underwear, some presents, and alot of workout stuff. Yes, I really do plan on getting in shape next year. Oh, I also bought a new overcoat. By that time, my deoderant have gave out and I was smellin. Anyway, I think that I’m going to return most of it. I really don’t need the workout shirts, I have tons of shirts to wear. Same with the jeans. And maybe the belt from Macy*s (might be too big for my suit).
I didn’t goto Best Buy, although I’m still tempted to go. Hey, if Macy*s is going to give me a card, then why not Best Buy. I really don’t need anything, and I really can’t afford anything. But an extra TV card and hard drive would be nice. And a 22″ Apple monitor 😀
Well, I got the hair cut, so I’m going to shower and eat. Later, Angie and I are going back to Macy*s in order to get a shirt and tie for the wedding we are going to tomorrow. And maybe we’ll stop by Best Buy.

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