They know how to throw a party

So Saturday I was Angie’s date for the wedding that she was going too. As usual, I ran a little late, because I don’t know how to tie a tie. I bought one of those box shirt/tie sets and I thought that the tie was already tied, but it wasn’t. So it took me and my roommate 10 min to figure out how to tie the damn thing. This is why I hate ties. But I really should learn how to tie one. So I was running late, but Angie was running late too because she had to drop some of the bridesmaids off, so it was cool. And the wedding started 15-30min late anyway, so it was all good.

The wedding was at the Church of the Epiphiny(sp?) off of Geneva Ave. It’s been awhile since I’ve been in a real church. The ones that I’ve gone to before were in storefronts, community centers, or at schools. O.K. Tim and Renee’s wedding was in a church too, but this church was a true catholic church. Stained windows, marble columns, belltower; all of the church trappings. It was probably one of the largest weddings that I have gone too. The service was wonderful and the bridal party was beautiful. I tried to take pictures with my phone, but they were all crap. I need to realize that my cell phone is no substitute for a real camera.
Thoughout the wedding, all I could think of (besides being hungry) was that two years ago, this is where I imagined that I would be; either walking down the aisle or planning the wedding out. I really thought that I would have been married this year. I don’t really know how I feel. More like a bittersweet sadness. I get sad, but then I start thinking about the happy times we had and I feel a little bit better.
So after the wedding, we headed to Oakland for the reception. It was held at the Restaurant Peony in Oakland’s Chinatown. First off, I hate downtown Oakland. Granted, the streets are wider that SF, but there are shitloads of one way streets and the streets themselves aren’t numbered correctly. It took up like 10min to enter the parking garage to the restaurant because of the stupid streets. Once we got there, I helped out setting the table and getting ready for the reception. There were 300+ people at this thing, and we def. took up most of the restaurant. The food was amazing; 10 course chinese meal. Lets see, there was a fish plate, fried rice, peking duck, quail, appetizer plate, brocolli & mushrooms, a nest type entree, shark fin soup, crab entree, and one other one. We also swiped some extra bottles of wine for our table, being the young alkies and all. Our table was so loud and having fun. The meal was excellent. There were two kinds of cakes, a coffee one and a chocolate/real straberry one. Mmmm. And the entertainment was amazing too. Angie did a 10-15min video of the couple with iMovie. There was a chinese lion dancer troop that performed and there was another dancer too that was amazing. And the father of the bride sung Lady In Red to his daughter, including the **whisper** …cheek to cheek. It was great.
I had to leave early though, because I promised that I would be at Mike and Cheryl’s b-day party. So I excused myself and got on BART to get back to the city. I changed clothes in my car and head out to the a pub on geary. The party was in full swing when I got there. I had just miss paul, but Mike and Cheryl were there, along with Tim and Renee; later Ron, Rachel, and Maggie showed up. The thing that sucked was that I treid using my card to pay for drink, but it got declined. If I would have waited like 5 more minutes, then my check would have been deposited into my account. So I had to borrow some money to pay for drinks. It was probably a good thing since I was already drunk. After a while we left to goto the tougne n’ cheek on Van Ness to see the band Yellow Dancer (Rachel knew someone in the band) and we stayed there for awhile. Then it was a 10 drive around the Tenderloin looking for my car cause I forgot where I parked it at.
I spent sunday getting over my hangover and helping Barbara with tech support. Her harddrive crashed and I thought she would have to buy a new one. I mean it wouldn’t even boot up or anything. But later on she turn the computer back on and it worked fine. I did a scandisk and defrag on it which took forever, but there wasn’t any major problems. Not sure what she did, but everything seems to be working fine now.
That was my weekend. Pretty eventful and all.