To Holiday, Or Not To Holiday

I’m pretty sure that today was a holiday for me. If it wasn’t, then I guess no one missed me cause I didn’t get a call or anything.

Anyway, spent a little part of the day being sick. I didn’t take Nyquil last night, and therefore didn’t get much sleep. When I finally got my sick ass out of bed, I decided that I would clean my room, and move stuff from the drawers in my closet to the drawer underneath my bed. That turned into a small reorganization and cleaning of my entire room. I guess it was good; I got all of my wires and computer stuff wrapped and organized. I have a shitload of extension cords, speaker cables, and CAT5 cable.

I also started cleaning out my memento stuff, going through it deciding what need to be given away, what need to be shipped up to Washington to join the rest of it, and what I’m going to keep. I decided that I will share some of it and tell stories behind it. Maybe. Some of it need not explanation, and some of it I might show you, the reader, and let you come up with your own conclusion.

So lets start with what I did on January 16, 2000….

Kids In The Hall

On this day, I went out with Amber and her boyfriend at the time Aaron to see the greatest group to come out of Canada, The Kids In The Hall. I met Amber and Aaron downtown and we went to the Starlight Room on top of the Sir Frances Drake Hotel. This was
weird because 1)I was def. not dressed for the Starlight Room and totally felt it. 2) The last time I was at the Starlight Room was when I was 19 and at the 1993 Senior Prom that was held there. Among the other things that went on that night, everybody was trying to sneak up to the higher levels of the hotel. We went down to the service area and found the elevator. however, everyone chickened out except for Jesse and I. And so we took the elevator to the top and we went to the Starlight Room. I vaguely remember that we weren’t immediately carded and I think we sat down for a bit at the bar before we left/got kicked out. Anyway, back to the story. After some drinks we went back to the Warfield and watched the show. OMG, it was such a good show. It was a mix of their old standards and new stuff with a S.F. flair to it. These guys are so funny, I honestly can’t pick my favorite. Like I’m torn between Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, and Scott Thompsom. However, Kevin McDonald and Mark McKinney aren’t far behind. I think we ended the night at
Denny’s talking about…don’t remember. I do remember that Aaron was really good looking and smart. Probably my favorite out of Amber’s boyfriends that I’ve met. Anyway, now that the first season is FINALLY out on DVD, I need to find it and buy it.

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