Internet broken for Pres. Speech

The internet has been wanky all night long. So has my keyboard/mouse. Granted, I’m at the 3 foot limit with the input devices, but still. I wonder if I should have spent the extra money for the Bluetooth version with the longer range. Naw, I really can’t read what’s on the computer from more than 3 feet away (although I would be able to play Serious Sam, Ms. Pac Man, Diablo II, or Zuma from that distance.)
Watched the State of the Union tonight. Bush did nothing to comfort me about the future of the country, both domestic wise or overseas. There was no new information or anything about was is going on overseas. Yeah, the state of the union is probably not the best choice for info. But I wanted some reassurances, a plan of action. I didn’t get that, I got that we still don’t know what we are doing overseas, but we are America, so we will throw some money at it and it will be all alright. Oh yeah, we are building/funding a TV station for the Middle East.
Domestic wise, the speech was even worse. Maybe I’m being narrow minded by just looking around and at the people that I know, but I see lots of people with no jobs, unemployed for months, or low paying jobs. I don’t see the economy picking up. Granted, I’m in the Bay Area and not Texas or Arkansas or where ever. But still. And this whole amnesty program for illegal immigrants and increasing more visa for foreign workers. I think that is just wrong, esp. when companies are outsourcing jobs overseas. Actually, I feel…weird, in a bad way…due to the fact that I’ve started to become an isolationist. However, I look at all of the homeless and jobless people here, esp. in S.F. and just wonder why do we need more people to come into the country and why do we need to send jobs overseas when there are people here that can do the jobs.
It was funny when the Democrats cheered at that one part in his speech when he was talking about the Patriot Act.
I was surprising that he didn’t mention anything about NASA or the space program.
And I should have known that he would bring up the same-sex issue. The thing is that I do agree with him in the fact that marriage is something between a man and a women according to the major religions. I don’t think that the government has the right to force the church to perform gay marriages. On the other hand, I do think that the government should recognize same sex relationships and unions and that these couples should get the same benefits has “traditional” couples. I am strongly against a Constitutional Amendment about the issue.
What else? Blame athletes for kids doing drugs….going to cut the deficit in half by not raising taxes….blah, blah, blah.
Was it just me, or did the military people that were guests not real happy/enthused about being there?

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