Monthly Archives: February 2004

Lets do the time warp again

I know what my problem is.
It’s the fact that I’ve been warping back and forth through time that is causing my mental imbalance.
Pictures of me in the past.

Act of Desperation

I wonder why I cannot let myself succumb to alcohol, or drugs. I mean, I should at the bars just getting fucking hammered. Or here in my room trying to drown myslef with some JD. Or I should be headed out to the streets trying to score some pot or crack or meth or something.
Instead, I plan on having my roommate find me head first in a pie pan. Death of chocolate overdose.
Taking some all of Barbara’s pills would be easier; at least it would be cleaner.
Or I could just listen to my conscious and just start slashing on my arms. But that would be messier than the pie.

Just the beginning…

Took a picture of myself using the side of my new computer case. Yes, it is that shinny. And man, does it suck up fingerprints. I am going to have to get some cotton gloves just to handle it. Anyway, thinking of entering this into the Mirror Project.

The inside of my computer case. Will use some of this
upcoming paycheck to buy stuff to put into the case. And then next paycheck, I will use some of the backpay money to put more stuff in it. And finally, at the end of the month, I will use my
income tax return to help finish putting stuff in it.
The key with this case and with the entire system is that it should run quiet. I’m hoping that it will be quiet enough that I can leave it on 24hrs. Oh yeah, I will be able to play Half Life 2, Watch TV, TIVO TV, listen to radio, TIVO radio, play and record DVD’s. Still can’t make coffee with it or wipe my butt when I’m done with the bathroom, but this is a good start.

Lightning Crashes

Beautiful Lighting Storm while watching Angel. I’m just glad I was able to watch the entire show without the power going off.
Anyway, going to turn off the computer and curl up with a book. Tomorrow, I have to take Barbara to the hospital for her surgery.

Defective…is it too late to return it?

Part of my collection of these things. I currently have 3 of them; one from Dan/Jen’s wedding, one from
Ithaca/Christopher’s wedding, and this one from Tiffany/Sam’s(?) wedding. The first one was a kinda of a reflex grab for it before I even knew what it meant. The second was more of the same. The third was thrown at me (I suspect).
With Tim/Renee’s wedding quickly coming up, I am wondering if I will add a fourth to my collection. Maybe if I can get five, I can trade them in for a date. Trade ten in for a girlfriend, and send 100 in with a check for shipping/handling to get a wife.
I’m sure my mom has sent in 500 of them and is eagerly awaiting the brides to come so I can choose one.
**update** I might have 4; can’t remember if I caught the one at Bob/Mrs. Danielsen’s wedding?

Snow Rain Day

Go out of work early because of the rain, wind, and flash floods we had last night/this morning. I didn’t even make it to the warehouse. I was stuck at the store waiting for the power to come on so that I could enter in the guys hours for payday. Power never came back on in the store and at 11am, the store was officially closed for the day and classes were cancelled for the rest of the day.
Amber and I had breakfast/lunch and caught up a bit. Think that I will work Sat at the store with her to make up the hours for today. So I have the entire day to do what I will. Think that I will take a nap and get that out the way. This might be the opportunity to get my sleep pattern back in sync.


Listened to the Jay-Z/The Beatles/Danger Mouse Album, the controversial album. I liked the album, considering that I haven’t listened to Jay-Z’s The Black Album or the Beatles The White Album (I am not a big Beatles fan). Will need to get a hold of these albums to compare them. It seems that there is more of this kinda of stuff coming out, mixing the words and beats of different songs together. It’s kind of hit or miss though, I’ve heard some good stuff and I’ve heard some crap.

In a guilty conscience kind of way, I am having very mixed feelings about Britney’s new song, Toxic. I will give Britney a little credit for making something that sounds different. And I actually like the strings in the background and stuff. But let’s face it the song sucks; it’s like Britney’s trying something that Madonna would try. I could see Madonna trying to pull something different like this, and actually getting away with it, like in Don’t Tell Me…or not get away with, like in the entire American Life Album.

Am wanting to go see The Passion of Christ, just to make my own opnion on yet another controversial issue. Glanced at the reviews on where it is hovering in the 50’s right now. I’ve heard that I should be prepared for a bloody movie, reaching Kill Bill levels. Would be interesting to see it with Mike, to get a Jewish take on the movie. We’ll see what happens this weekend.

I have no idea how my radio get on to KLLC 97.3 in the mornings. I officially HATE Sarah and No Name. O.K. I do know how it get on to Alice. When I am going to sleep, I have the radio on, and I’ll change the station to whatever has a good song on it, and that’s how it gets to Alice instead of something like KFOG or anything else. But I swear I hate the entire morning show, like I am talking about Howard Stern hatred almost. I HATE NO NAME WITH A PASSION. He is such an idiot, always screaming, always talking shit out of his mouth. And Sarah, I used to love until having 2 kids turned her into a royal bitch. Human (or however you spell his name) is annoying, however I get more annoyed with everyone picking on him. And the retarded mentally disabled kid….Andrew. Didn’t 94.9 and the Doghouse already do this bit with Hammerin Hank. I remember looking at their ratings last year and they were getting slaughtered by almost everyone. AAARRGGGHHH!!!!

Been a bad son by not calling my mom. She called me tonight and we talked for awhile. It was good, however there is…issues, things that I really could talk to someone about. However, none of my friends could relate to it. There are two people that I can think of that I could talk to about it. But one is in a different state and I don’t have any contact info. The second I am not allowed to talk to. Well…yeah, I’m not allowed to talk to. Guess I will have to handle it on my own, like everything in my life. Maybe I should just accept once and for all that I am destined to be alone in the world, with only my ugly soul to keep me company. Maybe I should stop talking so negatively. Maybe.

So my 35GB+ collection of music on my computer I just leave on random with a few occasions that I will listen to a whole album. I have my MP3 player, but it only holds 6GB, and I have been working on my collection trying to whittle it down so I can fit 6GB of the best music I have (at 11GB right now.) Anyway, since I’m still working on the player selection, I’m listening to CD’s in the car on the way to work. Usually it’s BT or whatever I checked out from the library. However for the week, it’s been all Bruce Springsteen and The Rising. I am loving this CD, although I wish that they had the live version of City of Ruin instead of a studio version (the live version is on the 9-11 tribute album.)
Lonesome Day
Baby once I thought I knew,
everything I needed to know about you.
Your sweet whisper, your tender touch;
I didn’t really know that much.
Jokes on me, but it’s gonna be OK,
if I can just get through this Lonesome Day.
Hell is brewing, dark sun’s on the rise,
this storm’ll blow through by and by.
House is on fire, vipers in the grass,
a little revenge and this too shall pass.
This too shall pass, darling, I’m gonna pray.
Right now, all I got’s this Lonesome Day.
It’s all right, it’s all right, it’s all right, yeah (3x)
it’s all right, it’s all right…
Better ask questions before you shoot.
Deceit and betrayal’s bitter fruit.
It’s hard to swallow, come time to pay,
that taste on your tongue don’t easily slip away.
Let kingdom come, I’m gonna find my way,
after this Lonesome Day.
It’s all right, it’s all right, it’s all right, yeah (6x)

I should have been asleep an hour ago.

Last Minute Thoughts

“I will never shame you…I will hate the man you choose because he is not me, and love him if he makes you smile. No woman deserves the sure knowledge of widow’s black as her bridepiece, you least of all.”
Semi-curious to play the Wheel Of Time computer game to see if it is any good.
Need to goto a bookstore and read the Prequel to the Wheel of Time series that Robert Jordan put out. Gah…I wish that he would just wrap everything up and destroy/save the world already. Of course it is going to take at least 2 novels to properly wrap up everything, so I hope he doesn’t try to cram everything into one book.
Some novels on the past Hero’s would also be nice. I’m sure if this was a Dragonlance/Fogotten Realms novel, they would be out. However, I will admit that I just devour these books, I have an extesive collection of tese books up in Washington. Sometimes I wish that I had themdown here to read.
The ones that I really like are the Dragonlance Villians novels, esp the one about Lord Soth, Knight of the Black Rose. It would be cool if their was a series for the Wheel of Time villians, Like a series on The Forsaken,
Had an earthshattering thought while driving home, and of course I promtly forgot it. Maybe I should pay for LJ service so I could do phone postting. Something to think about
Figured with the small raise that i’m getting, I can pay off my small financial aide loan off in a couple of months. Then I can focus on my car and big student loan.
That is, if I don’t blow it on something else.
O.K. computer off.

Woman Flees Marriage Proposal At NBA Game
Taken from and (In Delaware, I Think)
OMG, just awful. Just f’ing awful. My heart goes out to this guy.


Had review. Officially Manager and was suppose to get raise in November. Can we say backpay.
Took some pictures with the phone. Posted on my Moblog.
Had a slice of Zachary’s Pizza today. Have felt like shit ever since I got home.
Didn’t goto to the gym. Did take a short walk around the neighborhood. That’s something, I guess.
Think that I am going to actually goto sleep early. Like I said, I feel like shit. Going to curl up in my mink blankets and try to be warm shit instead of cold shit.