Last Minute Thoughts

“I will never shame you…I will hate the man you choose because he is not me, and love him if he makes you smile. No woman deserves the sure knowledge of widow’s black as her bridepiece, you least of all.”
Semi-curious to play the Wheel Of Time computer game to see if it is any good.
Need to goto a bookstore and read the Prequel to the Wheel of Time series that Robert Jordan put out. Gah…I wish that he would just wrap everything up and destroy/save the world already. Of course it is going to take at least 2 novels to properly wrap up everything, so I hope he doesn’t try to cram everything into one book.
Some novels on the past Hero’s would also be nice. I’m sure if this was a Dragonlance/Fogotten Realms novel, they would be out. However, I will admit that I just devour these books, I have an extesive collection of tese books up in Washington. Sometimes I wish that I had themdown here to read.
The ones that I really like are the Dragonlance Villians novels, esp the one about Lord Soth, Knight of the Black Rose. It would be cool if their was a series for the Wheel of Time villians, Like a series on The Forsaken,
Had an earthshattering thought while driving home, and of course I promtly forgot it. Maybe I should pay for LJ service so I could do phone postting. Something to think about
Figured with the small raise that i’m getting, I can pay off my small financial aide loan off in a couple of months. Then I can focus on my car and big student loan.
That is, if I don’t blow it on something else.
O.K. computer off.

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