Just the beginning…

Took a picture of myself using the side of my new computer case. Yes, it is that shinny. And man, does it suck up fingerprints. I am going to have to get some cotton gloves just to handle it. Anyway, thinking of entering this into the Mirror Project.

The inside of my computer case. Will use some of this
upcoming paycheck to buy stuff to put into the case. And then next paycheck, I will use some of the backpay money to put more stuff in it. And finally, at the end of the month, I will use my
income tax return to help finish putting stuff in it.
The key with this case and with the entire system is that it should run quiet. I’m hoping that it will be quiet enough that I can leave it on 24hrs. Oh yeah, I will be able to play Half Life 2, Watch TV, TIVO TV, listen to radio, TIVO radio, play and record DVD’s. Still can’t make coffee with it or wipe my butt when I’m done with the bathroom, but this is a good start.

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