Defective…is it too late to return it?

Part of my collection of these things. I currently have 3 of them; one from Dan/Jen’s wedding, one from
Ithaca/Christopher’s wedding, and this one from Tiffany/Sam’s(?) wedding. The first one was a kinda of a reflex grab for it before I even knew what it meant. The second was more of the same. The third was thrown at me (I suspect).
With Tim/Renee’s wedding quickly coming up, I am wondering if I will add a fourth to my collection. Maybe if I can get five, I can trade them in for a date. Trade ten in for a girlfriend, and send 100 in with a check for shipping/handling to get a wife.
I’m sure my mom has sent in 500 of them and is eagerly awaiting the brides to come so I can choose one.
**update** I might have 4; can’t remember if I caught the one at Bob/Mrs. Danielsen’s wedding?

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