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Try not to turn everything into a life or death scenario. Calm down.

That was the quote from Friday and pretty much helped me throughout the day. That Thursday night/Friday Morning, my room was so cold and I got no sleep. So I woke up in a pretty pissed off mood, and some of it I might have thrown at Barbara before I left the house and checked my horoscope. But after this message, I was pretty mellow for the rest of the day. I was also a bit sick. Running late, so I decided to pick up some Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and picked up Paul at the store so he could take a look at what we had at the warehouse that they needed at the store.

Work was alright, if a bit slower than usual. It’s like that all over the store, and it’s def. not good. Hopefully, things will pick up next week. Anyway, after work was done we watched the Family Guy on DVD. I really don’t like the Family Guy, but can’t stop myself from laughing at the jokes and gags that they have. Also watch Tim house shopping on the net. It just floors me how much it cost to own your own place here in the bay. I mean, it’s cheaper than renting, but still. Oy Vey. I guess the saddest thing is how I am not even close to being able to get a place. But that topic is for another day.

So after work, and feeling miserable and sick, I thought the best way to heal myself was to goto Fry’s and buy myself something. After walking around the store for a couple of hours and
agonizing over everything, I ended up leaving with a Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Pro Keyboard/Mouse Set. I know that I said that I was going to get the Gyromouse set, however they cost way too much at Fry’s and I didn’t like the way it moved on the surface when you used it has a mouse for games. Now the Logitech Mouse is suppose to be great for games, but I didn’t like the way that the buttons felt, on both the mouse and keyboard. So I got the Microsoft set. I also picked up a USB card for the computer so I could have some more USB slots. Amanda called me while I was at Fry’s and confirmed how sick I was and told me that I should get some medicine and goto bed. It is kinda sick on all the Catholic guilt that I give myself when I shop. I wasn’t like this before.

On the way home, I stopped at Kmart to pick up some cough medicine and to do
some more shopping. Got the syrup, some cereal, a sweatshirt, and a plastic drawer thing to slide under my bed.
Coming back to Kmart, I was kinda disappointed with the prices on their stuff. I’m glad that I didn’t buy anything like the memory cards and stuff, because I can get better deals for that stuff online. Maybe I’ll go back in 2 weeks and see if there is anything left,
probably not.

Headed home, where I was greeted with a small heater from Barbara for my room. She is going to get the heater next to my room turned back on. It should help, but I will have to leave my door open at night, which I’m not too thrilled about. The little heater was crap though, which I kinda expected. We have an extra heater at work that I will bring home on Tuesday that should get the room nice and warm (And raise the electricity bill). I’ve been bitching about the cold, but I have been looking at the positive of things, which is that I could be on the East Coast) BRRRRR!!!!

Took some Nyquil and an hour later, I was knocked out. I’ve been doing shots of Dayquil all day long and I feel better, but very lethargic, tired, and drained. I finally finish reading The Master and Margarita, which was a def. mind fuck book made worse because of the Russian references. I will probably end up buying a copy for myself. I def. need to reread the book along with a book on
Russian culture to help understand it better. I still have the two other books to read. And then I have two books on weblogs that I checked out from the library.

Got my tax booklets in the mail. I have a bad feeling that they did not take enough out of my checks and that I will owe. I wish that I was still in school and could get a deduction from my tuition. I should get a credit from the interest paid on my student loan. **sigh** Just try to think happy thoughts about it.

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