“There is something strangely beautiful about two really fucked up people in love.”
They can beat each other up, then lick each others wounds.

Had a whole entry dedicated to the Pie Session with April and Candy Cane Lane, but it got deleted. Pictures are up here, but they don’t convey what happened at Bakers Square and the pie selection. April also had a recap of Candy Cane Lane here and a shot of the pie The Pie here. At this point, I think it would be anti
climatic to try to recap it…that and it’s been a couple of weeks now. Anyway, the pictures were taken with my phone. I have a couple videos of the most decorated house, but it is in a
weird format. You have to download a player from Nokia to play it. Trying to find a converter to convert it to
QuickTime or something. So the Pie Session with just have to stay a Joe/April experience.

Dining on some spice cake and Green Tea w/Honey. Trying to get rid of this almost cold that I have.

Almost bought a keyboard/mouse today. God, it is so shocking a turn around that I have in regards to shopping. Just a couple of years, I would buy and charge with no thought at all. Now, I spend an hour in Office Max picking up and putting down stuff, walking away from it, go back to it, pick it up and put it down again, and after an hour of this I leave before the staff finally decides to call the cops on my ass. **sigh** Well, I guess I will try again tomorrow. Will goto CompUSA to play with the keyboards one more time. I def. need a new mouse, has my current mouse (MS Intellemouse Explorer) is damaged (the cord is frayed where it connects to the mouse and so it goes off
sporadically.) I know for sure that I want a Gyration Wireless Mouse. And they had it on sale at Office Depot. The question is with a wireless keyboard; I’m not sure that I want the wireless keyboard that goes with the Gyromouse…God this is such a geeky post. Yes, this is what I spent an hour in Office Depot doing. You should see me trying to buy clothes.

Speaking of, I have decided that I am going to get rid of a whole bunch of clothes. Tempted to just charge up the Penny’s card, or even worse, apply for a Macy*s card and just go apeshit and buy clothes that I will never wear (well, never at the warehouse.) I def want/need new underwear, since I wont be able to buy Joe Boxer anymore from Kmart. Actually, I’m
disappointed with the socks that I bought. They are not that good quality and alot of them have holes in them. Granted I needed to cut my toe nails, but I kinda just want to throw all of my underwear and socks away and go shopping for a new brand. And if I’m shopping for socks and underwear, I should buy other stuff too. Still, I can see it now…

Sir, the store is about to close, you’ve been in the sock section for 3 hours now and I need to know if you are going to buy the socks or not..

God, this just looks pathetic. There is so much other stuff that is going on that I’m dealing with/ignoring/hiding from. Who knows, maybe one day I might be ready to write about it here…

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