Getting forgetful in my old age

One of the worse work habits that I have is that I lose things easily, especially paperwork. The most expensive thing that I have lost was a $129 CD Player (which I blame on the Wellbutrin ) that I was taking. However, usually it is paperwork. One time in the span of less than 5 mins, I lost the registration for the company van. Yes, I am that good.

Well, on Friday, I lost the paperwork to a clothes order that we got in. And I’ve done the usual search, looking in the usual spaces where I leave everything, but no luck. So since I forgot to bring my workout clothes to goto the gym like I was suppose to, I think that I will punish myself by staying after work and looking for the stupid paperwork. I think that the darkness and the cooling temperature will hopefully be an
incentive for me to find it.

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