Friday night

Stayed late at work so that I wouldn’t have to drive back to the city, and also since Angie isn’t too far from where I work at. Went to her house at 7pm and we headed off to the Metreon to eat at Mel’s and to watch The Matrix: Revolutions.

Mel’s was o.k. I had a steak sandwich that was more like a hamburger sandwich. I guess I was expecting something like a philly cheesesteak kind of steak. Anyway, it was pretty tough, but I was hungry, so it didn’t matter too much.

After dinner, we headed to the movies. Did the “Fandango” thing, so my tickets were already paid for. Except that there were so many stupid people who didn’t know how to use the machine. It’s not rocket science, just insert the card that you used to get tickets and voila. The thing was that there were all of these people who thought that they could still get tickets for the 9:10 pm through the machine even though the movie was sold out. Anyway, we met Angie’s cousin Frances and her boyfriend Rich there. Pulled the old ticket stub switcheroo to get them in.

No spoilers for the Matrix, just disappointment that’s all. I will still watch it when it
comes out on DVD and stuff, but I’m glad that I didn’t get Imax tickets for it.

Afterwards we headed out to Lucky Chances for a late night dinner before heading home. When I got home, got the chance to meet Barbara’s daughter, Leah. She’s here in town for a friend’s baby shower.

So no big plans for the weekend, esp. since I don’t have the funds for any big plans. It’s really windy outside today for some reason. It is suppose to be
raining, but the sun is shining right now. Maybe I’ll get a chance to see the end of the Lunar
eclipse after all. What I should do today is clean the inside of my car and goto the gym. Will probably just stay in bed, curl up with a book, and wait for the rain to fall.

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