My Friends, Chocolate and caffiene

Resorted to getting some chocolate and caffeiene to help me cheer up. Not sure if it’s a good thing that I did something to help me cheer up or a bad thing that I resorted to caffiene, chocolate, and sugar to do the trick. **sigh** Well, sex was out of the question, so I think that I will just say that everything balances itself out.
Going to stay here for a couple of more hours and get stuff on. Then I’ll head out to Borders to finish the book that I was reading. Better than staying home and playing Diablo II. Esp. since all I have is the original fame and not the expansion for it. 😛
I have been doing some reading. Finished…damn, can’t remember the name of the book. It was Bridget Jones Diary-ish. It was O.K., I just kinda rushed through it to finish it. Also am reading Mist of Avalon, although I’m having trouble getting into that book also. Was never really into Authurian and Celtic tales. Might have to start over with that book.
Anyway, am not getting work done by typing stuff here….Off I go.
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