Not a bad end to the weekend…

Table is finally sold; for $80 not $100. But how could I argue with Jocelyn and her roommate, a hottie Indian girl. OMG, the guys would have made fools of themselves over these girls. Anyway, the table is sold and now I can pay my car registration.
Also have two appointments tomorrow for rooms in Pacifica. Happy about that, but not getting my hopes up too high. One guy wants a credit report. Ugh…Mistakes of the past comming to haunt me. Well, the credit has been good in recent years, so here’s to hoping.
One bad thing happened while I was getting the van, I scraped a post and scratched up the side a bit. I’m hoping that a car wash will wash away most of the blue paint and it won’t look too bad. Still, it’s nothing major, so I should be O.K.
Called mom for mother’s day. The family has satellite tv now, with Korean channels. I guess my brother’s been watching non stop or something. Heh. Good thing there are english subtitles.
Did I mention the hot girls that I sold my table too?
O.K. Going to watch The Simpsons.
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