Happy Mother’s Day…

After a lousy night of sleep which included Mike waking up off of the couch after 4am and going to his room, Mike yelling in his sleep, some bird that wouldn’t shut up, and semi-erotic dreams, I am up and ready to start the day.
Emailed more people on Craigslist for rooms; this time in Pacifica and Brisbane. I think that it would be cool to live by the ocean. Anyway, we’ll see what happens.
Semi cleaned my room; just picked up stuff off of the floor. Still need to sweep, mop, and dust later.
Going to go and do the 2nd half of laundry. Also need to call girl who wants to buy my table. This is her last chance on it, otherwise the ad goes back up on Craigslist again.
And of course I gotta call my mom and wish her a Happy Mother’s Day. I wonder if her card got to her in time?
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