Friday night at home, the usual

webcam is on for those that care…
Well two of my appointments canceled for tomorrow because they have selected roommates. So I’m sending even more good luck vibes for this $650 place.
Going down to the kitchen to get something to eat, I realize that it is a good time for me to take my leave of Mike. The kitchen and downstairs are absolutely filthy. I’m sure that if he doesn’t sleep on the couch again, I will find a pair of his socks on the couch tomorrow. He wasn’t like this when we lived in the towers, or even earlier this year. I try to tell myself that it could be because finals are comming up and he is too busy to clean. But I know it’s not that. I get busy sometimes and I let the dishes sit for a day, but it’s usually because he is sleeping downstairs and I don’t want to wake him up. **sigh**, well I guess we had a good run.
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