This might be harder than it looks

Went to see the apartment. After a mix up over apartment numbers, I found the place. Basicly the same room that I had with Queztal when I lived in the tower 2 years ago (lived there with my current roommate Mike too.) 1st month rent and returnable deposit which he said that I could make payments on, which is a plus. The minus is that there are 10 more people lined up to see the place. **sigh** Will def. be spending Sat. room hunting. Sorry Lesa, no way in hell that I will be able to make it up to Sac.
I have another lead on a place that at Moss beach which is only $600. Two problems is that 1)there is no kitchen, which could be a good thing, but I think that I would miss it. 2)Moss Beach is quite a drive. Granted, the commute wouldn’t be like crossing the Bay Bridge, but Moss Beach is half way to Half Moon Bay. Not sure if I want to live out there. **sigh**
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