Book Of Questions – Love & Sex: Question #10

If, during the next month, you could have the power to hear your partner’s every thought when you made love, would you want to? Would it upset you to have your partner hear your thoughts?
They had an episode on some television show, Buffy I think; Or maybe it was in a book that I read. The two people were having sex and they could read the other’s mind and feel what the other person was feeling and vice versa. In that sense, I think that it would be a very cool power to have. Isn’t that part of a good relationship anyway, knowing what your partner likes and where s/he likes it at? The flip side is that if you are bad in the sack, and then the person you are with are faking it..whew, that would really get me out of the mood. Or what if she is thinking about someone else, which goes back to question #5 that I answered this last month. What if you two are going at it and she is thinking about Dave Matthews or someone else? Reading that thought would probably ruin the mood. Now, if you both were bi-sexual, then maybe something could be worked out.
And has for me, I really wouldn’t want anybody reading my thoughts…Trying to focus on not reaching the finish line too soon. Baseball stats, the multiplication table, Ms. Harper naked **shiver**….Oh yeah, I think my mind might be better off closed than open.
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