w.bloggar, MS PowerToys, and SongWriter

w.bloggar -The w.bloggar is an application that targets to be an interface between the user and his blog(s), in other words, is a Post and Template editor, with several features and resources that the browser based blog editors can not offer.
This makes it so much easier for me to post my MT journal on my site. Before I had to log in to my site and blah,blah,blah. In addition, it grabs song info from Windows Media Player, which is something that I have been longing for (even though most of my music is on my Jukebox.)
Window Media Player Fun Pack-The Windows Media® Player 9 Series Creativity Fun Pack includes two exciting new sets of visualizations to enhance your music with fun, synchronized eye candy. In addition, a “blogging” plug-in can add information about your currently playing music to your Web journal. Read more about blogging and the plug-in below. To download, you can choose the full pack, with both the visualizations and the blogging plug-in, or choose just the visualizations or just the blogging plug-in.
The Blogging plug-in is the thing that I’ve been waiting for to use with the LJ and Blurty clients. Before, I had to input my song by hand into my entries. Now I have one-click service just like the people using WinAmp. Unfortunately the visualizations don’t seem to be working. Oh well, no biggie.
SongWriter-SongWriter, a free plug in for Windows Media Player 9 that let’s people visiting your website know what song you are listening to.
This is the program that I want to put on my site. At one point, I could get the album picture to show up, but I couldn’t get any of the text info to show. Well I still have 2 weeks of DSL to figure it out and to get it set up. This guy has it set up on his site and even has the code posted for it; couldn’t get it to work for some reason.
Mobydock-MobyDock is a freeware launchbar / taskbar program that allows you to control your applications and folders while displaying some cool mouse-over animations.
My biggest secret is that I am a big fan of how Mac OSX looks. I love the Aqua theme. Anyway, this is a taskbar that mimics the OSX toolbar. It’s a cool program, but still a bit buggy, and a major resource draainer. I actually think that I would use a Mac if there were more choices for it.

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