If it isn’t one thing, it’s another….

I swear, there is no way I can save money. Last paycheck, I had to pay extra for the cell phone bill; This time, the grocery bill goes up. And I know why too; it’s because I had to buy meat again since I’ve used up all of my gourmet meat that my parents got for me. Poop. So the total was close to what I believed that I had in my checking account, but I wasn’t sure. The thing is, if it would have been over what I had in my acct., my bank would have charged me up the ass and I have been trying to stay in the black, even if I had only pennies in the account. So, I used the $20 that I had gotten for laundry and used that with the card to get the groceries. So now I have to wait everything to go through to see if I have enough for laundry. O. K., I did have enough for laundry in cash until I bought the 2 boxes of Thin Mints from the Girl Scouts. C’ mom, it not like you can walk pass Girl Scout Cookies.
Why did life have to get so complicated? I remember the biggest deal with grocery shopping was trying to decide which cereal to get by comparing the prizes in the boxes and trying to convince mom to get some goodies like Twinkles and Ding-Dongs. And trying to toss out the artichokes and okra out of the shopping cart when she wasn’t looking. **sigh** To be young again…
So I think I have enough for one load of laundry. Guess I will be doing the smell test tonight. Still can’t believe that I went through all of my clothes in two weeks. Priority is always on the underwear.
I wonder if Mike is going to clean the kitchen today. He might have already done it, just did a crappy job.
Well, the car is def. not going to get washed. I might drive it into work one day and use the wet/dry vac to clean the inside. However, the outside will stay dirty for another two weeks.
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