Quote from this weekend: Guy#1

Quote from this weekend:
Guy#1 – “Don’t think about her, you are better off without her.”
Guy#2 – “Yeah, if she can’t realize what a great guy you are, then good riddance.”
Guy#1 – “Although, I have to say, she did have some nice curves on her”
Guy#2 – “Yeah, She had the curves in the right places, very pleasing to the eyes”

Yes guys, she did have some excellent curves on her.
Anyway, I must have been either really tired or I am getting a taste for wine. Usually, I can’t stand the stuff and can only handle one glass before I am out. But this weekend I held my own. It could have been all of the small glasses that I had though.
Got a jury summons today. I could have sworn that I just did this a couple of months ago. **sigh** If Tim hasn’t left by then, I guess I’ll go ahead and do it and save my postponement until later. The last time, I didn’t get picked, but stayed at city hall almost all day long.
O. K. going to get some more soda (bad Joe) and then clean my room and get some stuff done. Also need to call Mew; she’s in town and I think that I’m going to visit her since I’ve missed all the other times she been in the area. It’ll wipe out the money that I was trying to say, but if I don’t I think she might get offended since I drove up to see Barry/Gabi/Kurt/Lesa.
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