Weekend Update

Traveled to Vacaville after Mike’s sister, Lauren, took us out to dinner at a Japanese Restaurant. Arrived around 10:30p.m. and hung out with the guys (Barry & Kurt). They convinced me to have a few glasses of wine and after two bottles, the girls showed up. It was good times with everybody. Kurt and Lesa left and I stayed up talking to Gabi about stuff going on in my life. What is it about having children that makes you wiser. Anyway, I got some really good advice, it’s just a matter of following through with it.
So today, I played with their son, Antonio in the morning (I taught him how to stick out his tounge). We went out for awhile and then came back so I would work on his computer. I was trying to network them so that they could both use his DSL connection. Didn’t happened though. I left around 2pm and headed to Napa to see if Amber was home, but she was out. Came home and stopped by Mitchell’s ice cream shop to pick up some ice cream for Mike and I.
I am really pooped out, but I want to stay up and watch the grammy’s tonight. Am downloading Mechwarrior 4 because Kurt and Barry are playing it and want me to join in on the fun.
There are thoughts in my mind; maybe they will come out tonight. Maybe I’ll hold them in my head.
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